Color Matching

  At Keim's Paint Center, we take pride in our ability to custom match colors in paint and stain. We do it the old fashion way - by eye. We do have a color matching computer, however, the quality of a computer match is not that of the eye. We take the time to continually check the color as we adjust it to arrive at your sample. This method does take time, so we ask that you leave it for a day or two so we may match it correctly. We charge a small one time fee to develop the formula. A record is kept in our store of the formula so we may be able to reproduce it for you at any time. 


  We can match paint, exterior stains, pigmented lacquers, and interior wood stains. For us to be able to match interior wood stains, please supply us with the wood you will be staining, and a sample piece to be matched to. We must be able to sample on the same wood that you are staining for the best possible match. 

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